Microsoft OneNote 2010: The Best Software to Add to a Realtor’s Productivity

June 15, 2011

Perhaps the best kept secret with Microsoft Office 2010 is OneNote. This MS Office component ships with Home and Student, Home and Office and Professional. OneNote is a free form organizer of ideas that interfaces with the other Office  such as Excel and Word, but once the user understands how OneNote works, it really takes Outlook to a whole new level of increase productivity.

OneNote organizes your ideas into Notebooks with major ideas grouped by tabs then divided into pages and sub-pages.

One current example I can share with you is how I manage rental properties around Asheville for Castle Keepers. My OneNote process takes me from analyzing a property and determining pricing, sign the property management agreement with the owner, marketing the property and tracking showings, negotiating the lease and finally having the tenant move in.


Property Feature Inventory OneNote Form

Template Designed In OneNote for Castle Keepers Property Management


OneNote is designed to quickly create forms that can later be replicated and used quickly on the fly. The sample shows how standard features of a home can be checked and unchecked for a quick inventory of the property’s feature. This info can then quickly be analyzed when we calculate what the property will demand in the Asheville rental market. 

Once the owners agree on a price, this page is easily moved within OneNote to our “Vacant Property” tab. This make recalling info on the home a breeze when prospects call.

Look for more blog entries on how OneNote can make your handing of information with rental properties or homes for sale easier than any system you have ever used.

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